10 Different Hobbies To Do At Home

10 Different Hobbies To Do At Home

We all want to escape from the stress and bustle of our lives. But sometimes we don’t know how to do it. To get away from our tiring lives for a moment and find our inner peace, dealing with hobbies that make us happy is the best meditation. It is possible to find various hobbies that can be done at home according to your interests and abilities. In addition, you can’t only do it as a hobby but also turn it into a business where you will earn extra income. It is now everyone’s dream to find jobs that earn money by doing it with pleasure. So what are the different hobbies you can do at home? What materials can we buy for most popular hobbies? Let’s start to examine favorite hobbies that are different from each other.

1-Having Fun While Knotting

What if we say there is a hobby you can do just by tying knots? It is a very simple and fun hobby. Moreover, there is only one material you can use, and that is macrame thread, which you can find everywhere. So what is macrame? Macrame, which has been known for a long time, is a type of textile made by knotting. With the macrame technique, bags, wallets, wall decorations, baskets, and much more can be made. You can choose macrame threads, which you can find in any thickness, according to the product you will make. If you are going to make jewelry or accessories, it will be better to use thin macrame thread. In general, you can do most things with a thread thickness of 3mm-6mm.

2-Making a Sculpture From Paper Pulp

Making sculptures from paper pulp is one of the most easily available hobbies among the hobbies that can be done at home. The materials you need are; newsprint or napkin (can be on white paper), hot water, flour, and glue. If you use napkins, you can make dough faster. If we talk briefly about how it is done; We add it by breaking the paper or napkin into a bowl in which you put hot water. Then we boil the water and let the paper melt. After boiling, squeeze the water from the paper, put it in another container, and wait for it to cool. Then we cut the paper into pieces, add flour and glue on it and knead. If you knead for a long time, you will get a better dough.

In this way, we create a fun hobby by recycling our waste paper. Various sculptures can be made from paper pulp. After making and drying your sculptures, you can paint and revive them as you wish. With this hobby that can be done easily at home, you can also spend quality time with your children.

3-Making a String Art

Wall panels can now be made from any material. However, wall panels made using nails look more interesting than others. For the easiest and most practical hobby ideas that can be made at home, you should first try the wallboards made with nails. This hobby requires only one wooden plate, nails, and colorful threads. You also need a hammer to drive the nails. You can also use another solid material instead of a wooden flat plate. If you have wooden items that you do not use, you can also obtain a flat wooden plate from their part. Before making these wall panels, you should decide what shape you will make. If you draw the shape you will make later on the wood with a pencil, it will be easier to drive the nails. After hammering the nails, we have come to the most enjoyable part, wrapping the nails with colorful threads. For this, you can watch sample videos or after a few tries, you can wrap your ropes with the most beautiful method.

4-Painting Wood

Among the hobbies that can be done at home, the most well-known hobby can be wood painting. You can paint wooden items that you will prepare yourself, or you can paint ready-made wooden products that you can buy from hobby stores or the internet. There are now many ready-made wooden items that you can find at any price. For example trays, mirrors, key chains, boxes, and many more. You can use acrylic paint or a special wood stain to paint the wood. You can use the items you have painted in your home or sell them if you wish.

5- Making Home Accessories from Straw Rope

You can make most home accessories yourself with straw rope, which is the most trendy material of today. You can find straw ropes at every price and you can easily buy them online. In addition, wicker ropes have thicknesses suitable for making all kinds of goods. With straw ropes, which are among the hobbies that can be done at home, you can make mirrors, frames, coffee tables, baskets, plates or coasters, and many other items for your home. For example, to make a pot from a straw rope, turn an empty cylindrical container upside down. Cover it with cling film and apply glue. Begin at the top of the bowl by twisting your rope and continue to wrap it in a circle. At the last step, you can remove the cling film and the empty container. And your handmade flower pot is ready!

6-Making Models

If you are a fan of airplanes, cars, or houses, miniature model making is a hobby for you. You can find the materials used for making models in every stationery and hobby store. What materials can you use? You can make models of objects of interest with materials such as cardboard, cardboard, acetate. If you want, you can make a model by combining ready-made parts for an airplane or car model.

7-Designing the Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher is a handmade object made by the Indians in the 1960s, believed to prevent nightmares and evil. But nowadays, people usually hang it in their bedrooms because of its cute and pleasant appearance. What materials are needed for dreamcatcher design, which is among the hobbies that can be done at home? For the hoop-shaped pulley, wood, metal, etc. materials can be used. With thick colored threads and beads, the part resembling a spider’s web, which is supposed to catch bad dreams, is made. Thick ropes, ribbons, and feathers can be used for the part hanging down from the hoop. As a rope, you can use hemp or macrame thread.

8-Painting; Stone, Plate, Glass

The hobby, which has the widest choice among hobbies that can be done at home, is painting. So which objects can we paint that we can find easily? Stone painting, one of the most popular hobbies of the summer period, is one of the most effortless hobbies. It is both very fun and very simple to paint the stones of various sizes that you collect from the seaside. You can draw and paint different animal figures on the stones, or you can paint a beautiful landscape. Or you can just paint it the color you want and write on it. You can use many types of paints such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic paint, felt-tip pens to paint stones.

Another painting suggestion is to paint plates and glasses. If you have plates, glasses, and containers that you do not use, you can give them a different function by painting them. To paint, you can use porcelain pencils or acrylic paints, which you can find in stationery and hobby stores. Another example is you can reuse your unworn T-shirts by painting them with fabric dye.

9-Weaving Decoration Products

Would you like to easily make the coasters that you often use at home? You can make many decorative items yourself, from coasters to wall decorations, with small looms that you can buy at a very cheap price from stationery. For this hobby, which is the most enjoyable to make among the hobbies that can be done at home, you need a wooden or plastic loom and rope. In the loom package you get from the stationery, information on how to use it and additional parts for threading are also available. After you decide what you want to do, you can start weaving by choosing the appropriate thread.

10-Repurposing Things

The last item on our list of hobbies to do at home is recycling. If you have clothes that you do not wear or forgotten fabrics, you can make them reusable by doing a few operations. The bedspreads, which have become a trend in recent years by combining different pieces of clothing, are the best example of this hobby. Apart from this, you can make pillows, covers, bags, and wallets from leftover fabrics, jeans, or very old clothes. Thus, you can engage in both an ecological and an economic hobby.

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